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NT Data Wiper 2.2

NT Data Wiper 2.2: Advanced data erasure tool which removes all deleted confidential information files, they stays on the drive until it is overwritten by another file? Normal file deletion is NOT secure! You need a way to keep your private data private? NT Data Wiper is an advanced data erasure tool which removes all deleted confidential record information from your hard drive and safeguards the computer privacy. If you wipe already deleted files with NT Data Wiper, they cant be restored by any recovery tools. In addition NT Data Wiper easily

EugeneShredder 1.20: EugeneShredder is a file wipe utility.
EugeneShredder 1.20

EugeneShredder is a file wipe utility. With EugeneShredder you can easily wipe sensitive files from your hard disk. EugeneShredder has three security levels. You can use simple file deletion (as in Windows), wipe files with single pass wiping and also use most secure NSA erasure algorithm.

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Free File Wipe 1.6: Wipe sensitive information off the hard disk. Quick, secure and free of charge
Free File Wipe 1.6

wipe information off the disk when you delete files and folders. If you do want to get rid of some files and want to make sure they`re gone forever, you`ll need a proper tool. Free File Wipe will accomplish just the task. It`ll not just mark the files as "deleted"; instead, Free File Wipe will actually open each file you want forever gone, and overwrite its content with random numbers. If anyone tries to recover that file afterwards all they`ll get

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Permanent File Deletion Software 10.x: Data Wipe ensures file deletion is permanent and irreversible
Permanent File Deletion Software 10.x

Wipe only if you have already taken a backup or really do not need the files. Features • Data wipe with 35 passes makes it impossible to decode data back. • Password protection to prevent unauthorized use of Data Wipe. • Three strengths of wiping, Low, Medium and High. • Six various options to wipe data. • Select and Wipe • Wipe select file types • Wipe unused area. • Wipe complete hard disk • Wipe internet files. • Wipe on schedule

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Stellar Wipe - Data cleanup 2.0: Stellar Wipe - Data cleanup and file eraser utility
Stellar Wipe - Data cleanup 2.0

file & folders and entire logical drive Offers international wiping standards followed for reliable data destruction. Maintain Wipe lists to erase various files and folders in a single click. This Hard drive wipe utility can be scheduled to erase tasks at every restart, daily, weekly or monthly. Wipes unused disk space removing information contained in previously deleted files. Wipes multiple files and directories on assigned keystroke. Quick learning

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Shred Agent 1.1: Protect your privacy with secure background wiping of sensitive files.
Shred Agent 1.1

file wiping utilities is the capability to control the wiping of files in the background. For example, you can configure the filters to wipe temporary file created by office programs. If Shred Agent is installed on a server and a remote user is trying to delete a file from the "Include" list, Shred Agent will wipe the file via network. Shred Agent can be customized to suit your needs. Configure filters to wipe only files with certain extensions or

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PCMesh Data Recovery and Wipe 2.1: Recover or wipe deleted files. Data recovery and disk free space wipe utility.
PCMesh Data Recovery and Wipe 2.1

Recover or wipe deleted files securely. A disk format or a simple deletion is not enough to delete files. Use PCMesh Data Recovery and Wipe to recover lost files after a disk format or deletion. Also as a security measure you should wipe the delete files beyond recovery.

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